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Almost everyone ... married — AND NOW Looking for Ladies seeking rooms in a Catholic Household

Hello Ladies,

My name is Annie and I am looking to replace friends that have just recently moved
out (last weekend) — two of whom just got married, and another who went on
mission with her religious community. (So. Three OPEN Rooms!)

I myself just got engaged (July wedding) and have been in a whirlwind with dating,
my family, the WEDDINGS :  ) ... and my job!  BUT as winter sets in, I will finally
have time to focus on filling the rooms with faithful Catholic Women. (The home will
continue to be rented — after my marriage, and will remain a Christian household.)

We live in an urban household minutes to downtown, and less than a mile to Saint
Catherine's Perpetual Adoration Chapel. The house is shared with up to 5 other
Catholic ladies. (A single woman, or two ladies, could live downstairs as a private
and separate apartment — tho so far, we have all preferred to live as a single
household of Catholic friends in a Catholic community of sorts ... ) :  )

Please give me a call if you have any questions, or would like to meet and look at
the available rooms?  Thanks for reading, and God bless on your room search!

Annie Zeiler

$500 Rent — Basement Space (Includes All Utilities)
$650 Rent — Basement Largest Room  (Includes All Utilities)
$800 Rent — Blue Room (Includes All Utilities)

— Views of Downtown Denver and a Tease of the Mountains.
— Located in the Sunnyside Neighborhood with a 2-5 minute drive from i25 and i70.
— Less than One Mile to Saint Catherine's Adoration Chapel and Parish.
— TWO Kitchens.
— A Greenhouse You Can Plant to Your Hearts Desire ... ? :  )
— A Tree House
— Waterfall and Small Pond (Could be a future Koi Fish Heaven?)
— Great Entertainment Areas for Socials with Patio, Lights and Fire Pit
— Chicken Coop with Homegrown FRESH Eggs for Roomies!

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Would this place be available over the summer? 

There is a chance there will be an opening, but we will not know before April.

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